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We offer a small selection of success tools at rock-bottom wholesale prices to help you achieve your goals. The investment that you make in YOURSELF to reach your goals and dreams, is the most important investment you can make by far. These books and reports are powerful and proven effective. If you are looking to increase your income by getting a higher response from your mailings, or learn how to recruit a strong leader into your business, then these tools are for you. Plus, you won’t find any of these items at a lower price. We guarantee it. Your success starts from within, so grab hold of one or more of these gems to help you achieve new heights of success in every area of your life. Certain items are at closeout prices and are only available for a limited time.

Million$ Training Reports by Jeff Breakey These are powerful, hard-hitting reports that cut to the chase and give you the information you need to build a six figure income in network marketing. There are 7 reports in this series and they come with some inspiring bonus materials that helped Jeff build a distributor network of 180,000 people doing over 30 million dollars of annual sales volume.

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Direct Mail Secrets by Jeff Breakey This 12 page booklet provides some very important strategies and specific tips for success in direct mail. Follow this advice to significantly increase your response rate from your mailings.

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Start Smart Finish Rich audio CD by David Bach. From the author of the #1 National Bestseller “The Automatic Millionaire,” comes this compelling message that nobody can ignore. It is so powerful, we have heard people say that it literally changed the course of their financial future. This is certainly one of the best CDs ever for getting someone to look seriously at a home based business.

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The “Fast Track Set” by Don & Nancy Failla This is a complete training kit with a prospecting letter, two audio tapes and the original best-selling book in our industry: “How to Build a Large Successful Multi-Level Marketing Organization” by Don Failla. Increase your recruiting and your income with these proven strategies that have stood the test of time. Everyone should have this powerful training to maximize their building efforts. Because the cassette tapes are outdated technology, we are giving this training set (which includes the best-selling book in our industry) at a closeout price below our cost. Available only while supplies last, and these will go fast at this price!

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The Truth… What it really takes to make it in Network Marketing by Kim Klaver

A large, 200 page comic book that teaches the fundamental principles of success in network marketing in a unique format. This book is FUN and contains many useful resources and clear examples to build a solid, profitable business. Kim makes you laugh as you learn. Closeout price…available only while supplies last!

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Rules for the NEW NEW MLMer by Kim Klaver This book lays out the simple, yet little known “rules” for effective sponsoring and training. Includes the 5 worst things to say to prospects and tips to market on the internet. An excellent book for beginners and experienced marketers. 130 pages, hardcover. Closeout price…available only while supplies last!

List price: $14.95 each, Our Wholesale Price: $4.95 each Order Now