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Mailing Lists

240 Names on Labels - $32.00
500 Names on Labels - $54.00
1,000 Names on Labels - $92.00
2,000 Names on Labels - $172.00
3,000 Names on Labels - $248.00
5,000 Names on Labels - $365.00
10,000 Names on Labels - $695.00

Superstar Premium Lists
(if you choose a SuperStar list with phone numbers please note that approximately
65% of the list will have a phone number)
SuperStar Premium 300 List - $65.00
300 list with Phone Numbers - $95.00

SuperStar Premium 900 List - $180.00
900 list with Phone Numbers - $240.00

SuperStar Premium 1500 List - $295.00
1500 list with Phone Numbers - $395.00

Add $7.00 for Rush Priority Mail!

Success Tools & Resources

Million$ Training Reports by Jeff Breakey - $24.95 $14.95
Direct Mail Secrets by Jeff Breakey - $29.95 $15.95
Start Smart Finish Rich audio CD - $7.95 $4.00
The "Fast Track Set" by Don & Nancy Failla - $19.95 $6.95
The Truth... What it really takes to make it in Network Marketing
by Kim Klaver - $32.95 $7.95
Rules for the NEW NEW MLMer by Kim Klaver - $14.95 $4.95

Special V.I.P. Mailing List

For $4, please add my name to your special V.I.P. mailing list. I wish to receive advance notice by postal mail of the top 2 or 3 "best-of-the-best" money-making opportunities of each year. Your name will be on our exclusive V.I.P. list for 2 years. We will send you 30 SUPERSTAR NAMES FOR FREE (a value of $5.90) when you subscribe to our V.I.P.service.
Please include me on your V.I.P. email list. We send approx. 4 to 8 emails per year to our V.I.P. list. This service is free, but only to those who have subscribed to the above postal mail V.I.P. service.

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