Our Mailing Lists & Guarantee

Our mailing list names are buyer names from our own in-house list. These names are not purchased from a broker or list company. We personally grow our list from our own marketing efforts. These people are mostly ACTIVE in direct mail, network marketing or both... they are the best names possible for a money-making offer by mail.

We also offer a "Superstar List" that is the cream of the crop; the best of the best in the mailing list industry. These names are the successful leaders, monitors, and the highest response fresh buyer names you can get. They cost more because they are worth it! We have a limited number of "Superstar" names and they are not sold to more than ten people per month, nor to anyone in the same program or company.

Our prices have always been on the low end. Our main competitor sells mailing names all day long for $150 for 1,000 names! The main reason that they sell more names than us is that they have a larger internet presence. Our premium buyer names are much lower. In addition, our Superstar names are only a little higher in price than their regular names, and they are simply the best in the industry! We stand behind our mailing lists with the best nixie guarantee in the industry.


A nixie is a bad address that is returned to you by the post office. People move frequently (now more than ever)... and this happens daily. So there is no way to provide a mailing list that has less than 3% nixies (3 in 100). The average nixie rate in the mailing list industry is 8%.

Our nixie rate is an amazing 4.5% on average! However if you happen to get more than 4.5% nixies, you will be richly rewarded. Our nixie guarantee is the best in the industry! We pay $1 PLUS 3 new names (30 cent value) -- that's a value of $1.30 -- for each nixie you send back to us!


You order 1,000 names for $92 and mailed them all.
You get our average nixie rate of 5% = 50 nixies returned to you out of 1,000 mailed.

Send those 50 names back to us and receive:
150 fresh new buyer names = $15.00 value

You paid $92.00 and you got back $65.00 of value from our nixie guarantee ($50 of that in cash!). That's over two-thirds of the value of what you paid for the 1,000 names! Your total cost for a 1,000 name list, after the nixie guarantee was only $27! Where else can you buy a mailing list and pay a total of $27 after the nixie guarantee? We strive to have the best, most responsive names in the industry and we pay our mailers to help us to achieve that goal!

The ONLY WAY TO KEEP A CLEAN MAILING LIST WITH A VERY LOW NIXIE RATE IS TO OFFER ALL CUSTOMERS AN AMAZING AND OUTRAGEOUS VALUE FOR THE NIXIES! We are the only company that we know of in the entire mailing list industry that offers such a huge nixie guarantee.

Now you can see how we keep such a clean list. We strive to have the best, most responsive names in the industry and our mailers help us to achieve that goal.

A word of caution! There are many mailing list companies that offer a nixie guarantee of 5 or 10 new names for each nixie. If you think about it, this guarantee is totally ridiculous! If the mailing list is bad, and has 10%+ nixies (which it often does), then why would you bother to send back the nixies to get more bad, unresponsive, nixie-laden names? This kind of nixie guarantee is completely worthless. To make matters worse, few people actually mail back their nixies to these companies, so their percentage of nixies climbs higher and higher! However, it does help you to quickly rule out which list companies are not worth ordering from! We recommend ordering only from list companies that give you at least 60 cents of real value with stamps or cash as part of the guarantee, not just new names.